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For your product management teams to truly "up their game", they need to apply new product management approaches to their products and services, in a setting with guidance and mentoring.  

Your teams can take our general (or customized) online courses, and then apply these concepts in one of our action-oriented workshops.  We will step through a series of guided, hands-on exercises to both teach key product management skills and provide you with tangible deliverables to move forward your business.


We offer online product management training (through Udemy), and can customize this training for your company, and for your specific product management processes.

To develop customized product management training, we interview product management teams and their leaders to understand your business issues, and learn about your current processes.  

We then develop customized content for face-to-face training, as well as online training through a secured internet interface.

Helping product management teams find excellence


Product managers and product management leaders often have incredible talent, but in many corporations lack the mentors and guidance needed to fully realize their potential.

Through a structured executive coaching process, we help product managers and their leaders develop personal work styles to achieve excellence.

In a 3-6 month engagement, we conduct 360 degree reviews, clarify development goals, create an on-the-job action learning plan, and coach product managers to substantially enhance their leadership performance.


We help product management teams develop the processes - the work, deliverables, reviews and team integration - to drive excellence at each stage of product management work, from market intelligence, strategy and new product development to lifecycle management.

And for specific product management challenges and opportunities, like customer needs analysis, strategy development, long-term roadmapping, or finding growth for in-market products, we can help you with additional firepower and industry best-practices.

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